International Left-­‐Handers Day: celebrating lefties’ battle

Left Handers Day will be celebrated on August 13. THERESA MILLER The Australian July 31, 2017 As a young reporter I was sent to the Supreme Court to follow a murder case. I sat next to four other court reporters and we suddenly realised we were all writing with our left hands. “That’s because we’re more creative,” a radio reporter whispered. “That’s because we’re more intelligent,” an old hack from The Advertiser said. We beamed. The judge hammered his gavel — with his right hand. “Silence in the court!” We jumped. Righties still ruled after all. We left-­‐handers make up about 10 per cent of the population, while the ambidextrous, those who use both hands and legs, account for 30 per cent.

Road Test - Holistic Beauty

Call me vain, but I challenge any woman over a certain age to say she hasn’t looked in the mirror at least once and considered a little nip and tuck. Going under the surgeon’s knife or injecting a paralysing virus like Botox is not what I would call health smart, however, so when I heard about ‘holistic beauty’ treatments, I leapt at the possibility of an alternative route to achieving youthful good looks. But is the ‘holistic’ tag - where we look to the East for inspiration and indulge the way of Chinese facial acupuncture, Indian face yoga and Japanese reiki, not to mention the accompanying ‘organic’ vitamin creams - just the latest spin from a beauty industry adept at reinventing itself?

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