Debunking links between menopausal hormone therapy and cancer

Women are enduring the crippling effects of menopause unnecessarily because of fear and ignorance of the benefits of menopausal hormone therapy, the Australasian Menopause Society says. The experts blame a flawed study by the US Women’s Health Initiative study, published in 2002, for setting off a mostly unfounded scare about the link between MHT and breast cancer. The media story spread like wildfire and pharmaceutical companies stopped distributing MHT and GPs stopped prescribing it. Clinical associate professor Sheila O’Neill chaired this month’s 21st AMS congress in Sydney that set out to explore the research around menopause, debunk the myths and present GPs with the latest in evidence-

For a happy workplace - invest in learning and development, not gimmicks

When there’s an economic downturn which expenses do companies usually cut first? After entertainment and marketing, the managers inevitably slash budgets for training and development. And yet the progressive business leaders do the opposite. Christopher Whitnall is the founder and managing director of talkforce, which specialises in communication, leadership and coaching. After 25 years in training he’s noticed the companies that enhance their employees’ skills during a financial slump, end up having the edge on their competitors when the economy bounces back. He’s witnessed two CEOs, one of a large media organisation and the other of a major IT company who were brave enough to buck the tren

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