Illiteracy in Kids

Reading and writing are the basic skills children learn from their first day at school. But sadly, some kids are slipping through the cracks. By the time they graduate some teens still haven't learnt proper grammar and spelling, and can't structure a clear, concise sentence let alone a job application. However, it's never too late to improve your literacy skills. I talk about these issues to Andy Toulson on ABC Radio North Queensland.

Diversity Drives Dynamism

Diversity and inclusion in the work place are proven catalysts for boosting profits and productivity. Research shows that diverse teams, who experience inclusion, are more creative, innovative, deliver better returns and have higher employee retention rates. According to the British advertising consultant, Cindy Gallop: “Homogeneity is the enemy of creativity. Diversity drives creativity, which drives profitability.” One of Australia’s leading diversity and inclusion consultants, Troy Roderick agrees: “If you have a group of people who are different from each other you’ll get a smarter solution rather than a narrow perspective.” Roderick says whether an organisation wants to create a great c

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