Christmas - time to unplug and re-connect

Christmas - time to unplug and re-connect The Managing Director of Google Australia, Jason Pellegrino is recommending his staff disconnect from their devices over the Christmas break and reconnect with their family and friends. The Australasian boss said in a fast-paced world of tremendous change it was crucial to have down time. “Technology is a great enabler, it helps us do amazing things but at the end of the day it’s relationships with family and friends that are important.” Pellegrino said at Google’s Sydney headquarters. It’s a great time of year to disconnect, have fun, engage and build those relationships.” Fairfax’s Chief Product Officer, Jess Ross agrees. “Our non-essential staff m

Why we should all be playing at work

WE’RE thinking about work all wrong, it seems. In order to get more done we should be like kids and ‘play’ with our friends. DECEMBER 12, 201711:53AM IT MIGHT take the circus to get us there, but it looks like we’re all heading towards play at work. The Montreal founders of Cirque du Soleil have teamed up with a creative agency to push people into a new way of thinking at work. It’s called C2, and it’s a business conference that will make you forget about the butcher’s paper. Think being dangled in the air rather than given Post-it notes, to make you think harder. While it might be confronting for some people, the idea behind it is to push people out of their normal way of think

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