Striking the right chord: Women challenge ‘dude-fest’ music culture

by Theresa Miller Everywhere around Australia little girls and boys are playing air guitar and singing to hairbrushes in front of their bedroom mirrors. For the tiny fraction who will realise their dreams of becoming professional musicians, a far smaller percentage of them will be women. Although roughly the same number of girls and boys enrol in tertiary music courses, by the time they graduate, 80 per cent of the men and only 20 per cent of the women will go on to work in the music industry. Most of the women will become music teachers. “Somehow girls are getting the message that a career as a musician, producer, composer, director or audio engineer will never be a reality for them,” Music

Music education could help future-proof kids against the AI revolution

Theresa Miller Governments should invest more in primary school music education to give children the skills to beat automation in the future job market, ARIA chief executive Dan Rosen says. Speaking on the Sonos 'Better Listening' panel in Sydney last week about the power of music education, Mr Rosen said many jobs in science and maths would be automated within 20 to 30 years, so we should train our kids to do what robots can’t – create art and music. “We don’t know what those future jobs will be, but we do know we’re going to need empathy, emotional intelligence and creativity,” he said. “Evidence shows music can teach those skills.” Rosen said failing to provide everyone with music educati

‘My brain stopped working’: The helpline that steps in when musos need it most

Julie Wylie from JuliaWhy? Indie rock front woman Julia Wylie was flying high in 2015. She’d single-handedly booked her band JuliaWhy into 17 gigs across Canada in two weeks. She’d done it without a booking agent, tour manager or any financial support. “I thought I was invincible,” Julia said. It wasn’t until Julia came crashing down and ended up in hospital back home, she realised she’d had a manic episode. “I went splat. My brain stopped working. I felt depressed and couldn’t get out of bed.” Fortunately, Julia remembered hearing about an organisation called Support Act. She reached out to them for help. “I spent a lot of time listening to the music of The Go-Betweens while I was in hospit

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