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Are you missing out on business because of poorly-written emails, proposals and web pages? Is your writing boring, badly-structured and littered with grammar and spelling mistakes?

How do you stop your readers pressing the delete button? Either engage millerink media to write professional blogs, newsletters and eDMs for you - or run a millerink business writing workshop to teach your staff to write like pros. 

Clear, concise and correct writing makes good business sense - your reader will immediately understand your message and act on it. 

A study by the UK’s Royal Mail estimated British businesses lose up to £5 billion a year because of pretentious, inappropriate or error-ridden writing.

Whenever a reader opens an email or document, they are thinking: ‘What’s in it for me?” Professional writers always put the reader first.

These boot camps for business writers are fun and informative and have helped accountants, engineers and sporting organisations, alike.


Write to express, not to impress


Writing to reflect your organisation’s values, tone and style


Turning ‘officialese’ into plain English with clarity and simplicity


Grammar refresher – including how to use apostrophes, semi-colons and capitals, subject and verb agreement and active versus passive sentences. 


Structure and layout - making documents easy to read and inviting for the reader.


Planning, writing, editing and rewriting.

Finding the right ‘angle’ – positive, helpful and interesting.


Writing email subject headings that will get noticed (and read) in the inbox.


Structuring messages to be clear and persuasive.


Editing and proof reading - weeding out mistakes, repetition and redundancies.


Closing with a specific and dated ‘call-to-action’


Writing the way people speak – naturally and authentically.

In blog posts, on Facebook, in emails, and on company websites, your words are all you have to make an impression.