Media Training

Media Training Workshops

Millerink can put you through realistic TV studio interviews for high-level media spokespeople in your organisation.


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A media interview is no time for an original thought

Why Media Training?

The media can make or break your reputation overnight.


Solid media skills help promote and protect your professional image and credibility.


Being media savvy puts you in the driver’s seat of an interview and helps you stay on track when a journalist with an agenda tries to derail you.


This training will help you use each media opportunity to your advantage and deliver your key messages with confidence.


These highly practical and interactive workshops are tailored to each client.

Participants learn to:

  • Take charge of a media interview

  • Create and deliver key messages professionally and effectively

  • Structure a message to suit the target audience and type of media.

  • Stay calm under fire and avoid tricky questions

  • Understand what a journalist is looking for in an interview

  • Be pro-active rather than reactive

  • Confidently present on television and radio


Don’t wait for a crisis to hit your organisation before you book media training. Learn how to play the media game and win, while you have a positive message to spruik.

How is the training delivered?

Each workshop is a mix of tools, tips and on-camera interviews with an experienced journalist and professional camera operator. The number of participants is limited to six in a full-day session and three for a half-day workshop. 

We also offer one-on-one coaching via Skype to prepare you for an up-coming interview

All the interview scenarios are realistic and specific to each participant. They are also interactive, enjoyable and effective.


  • What makes news?

  • What makes a great communicator?

  • Delivery style – improving voice and body language

  • Individual on-camera interviews 

  • The pros and cons of social media 

  • Tips on avoiding common interview traps 

  • The seven steps to a successful interview

  • How to prepare a a bullet-proof key message

  • Video playback and feedback

  • How to make the most of each interview