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presentation skills coaching

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There is no such thing as a boring topic, only boring speakers

  • pace

  • volume

  • expression

  • emphasis

  • tone and intonation

  • choice of words

  • facial expressions

  • posture

  • gestures

  • eye contact 

  • use of space

  • engagement

  • structure

  • call-to-action

  • story telling skills

  • ...and much more!

A camera operator records your presentation, then we play it back and give you feedback on your:

How often have you endured 'death- by-powerpoint'?


While powerpoint can be a useful tool to support your message, too many people hide behind it.


You are your best visual aid. Really!


Drawing on Theresa’s background as a TV journalist, actor, writer and trainer, she’ll turn your presentation into a dynamic, inspiring and engaging talk.


We run half-day and one-day workshops for small groups and one-on-one coaching for presenting to camera and/or a live audience.


Theresa has coached hundreds of people from footballers to celebrities and CEOs in the art of public speaking.


Presentation Skills will help you engage your audience by becoming a dynamic, authentic and credible speaker.  

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