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Top Tips for Sharing your Research

Our recent podcast for CAMPUS REVIEW.

Academics and Media Training

"You are a spokesperson, not an answer person. You're there to answer questions and deliver your key messages."

Theresa Miller

How can academics excel in media interviews, gain success in grant applications, and better communicate at conferences or on panels?

Media and presentation skills trainer Theresa Miller and Campus Review education editor Erin Morley sit down to discuss how academics can best represent their research to the media.

Theresa Miller is the director of TM Media Training and has over 30 years experience in media. She is passionate about helping academics and subject matter experts share their stories and research with audiences, and wants to encourage more women to step up to the microphone, too. As an MC and panel moderator, author, former journalist and former media advisor, Theresa feels she has the experience to help academics and business leaders master their message and promote their cause. 

Media Training for Academics

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