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Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills

Engage your audience, hold their attention and motivate them to take action.

Today, All Professionals Need to Master the Art of PRESENTING


Whether you’re presenting face-to-face or online, to a small group or thousands, you need cut-through communication skills to connect, build rapport and inspire your audience to act.

A compelling and influential presentation will boost your profile, your brand’s visibility, or promotes your cause or research. It will make you stand out from your competitors to win new business and motivate people to make positive changes.

If you're not confident to speak in public, our presentation skills training is for you. We offer public speaking training workshops in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra. Choose in-person or online workshops.

Drawing on Theresa Miller’s background as a TV reporter and actor, and her current roles as a sought-after corporate event host and moderator, these public speaking workshops give you the tools to deliver dynamic and engaging speeches and pitches.

In a supportive and encouraging training environment, you’ll practise your new techniques and receive specific and personalised feedback to build your confidence to become a successful public speaker.

Improve your presentation and public speaking skills with an experienced coach and skyrocket your confidence.

Presentation Skills
Presentation Skills

3 Hours

Zoom, Zoom

A convenient and cost-effective option. 

We’ll take you through the tools and tips of speaking in public with impact including attention- grabbing openers and compelling calls-to-action. 

You’ll practice proven structures, body language and voice techniques, as well as practical tips for online logistics to ensure your presentation runs smoothly. 

You’ll analyse examples of successful speakers and watch playbacks of your own presentations, with extensive and constructive feedback. 

You’ll hone your script and delivery until you nail it!

Half-Day Or Full-Day


We come to you with a professional camera and audio operator. 

You’ll learn all the tips and techniques from the zoom option, plus master using the space on the stage or in the room to your advantage.

You’ll discover ways of handling hecklers and tricky questions, as well as winning structures, openers and powerful closers. 

We’ll record your presentation and play it back and then work on restructuring your script and improving your eye contact, facial expressions, voice, tone, emphasis and stance.

3.5 Hours

Camera, Lights, Action

You’ll rehearse your presentation in a high-tech TV broadcast studio with a green screen, cameras, lights and an autocue for your script. 

We’ll live-stream your presentation into the boardroom for you and your team to review. This will prepare you for professional online presentations and TV interviews. You’ll present confidently like a pro and impress your audience.

“A big thank you to Theresa Miller for hosting NATA’s 75th anniversary event. She was impeccably prepared, seamlessly navigating some very technical conversations on diverse topics from cancer testing to smart cities. I can’t commend highly enough her professionalism which played a big part in making our event such a success.”

Jennifer Evans

Jennifer Evans

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A good speech is like a pencil, it has to have a point
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