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Media Training

Media Training

Promote and Protect Your Professional Image.

Media Training Workshops

With TM media training you can play the media game to win.


The media can make or break your professional reputation overnight. Solid media interview skills can help you promote your organisation or cause, while protecting your credibility and authority.


Being media savvy puts you, as the media spokesperson, in the driver’s seat to stay on track when a journalist tries to derail the interview.


Unfortunately, many organisations avoid the media and miss golden opportunities to tell their ‘good news’ story, build brand awareness and visibility.

Furthermore, criticism and attacks on your organisation can escalate into a full-blown media crisis unless you respond promptly with a clear strategy. We'll teach you how to respond confidently.


Our practical and interactive media training workshops and coaching include realistic on-camera interviews with play-back and individual constructive feedback.


The workshop is tailored to your specific issues and covers the tools and techniques to confidently conduct print, radio, television and social media interviews.


Participants learn to structure and deliver dynamic and succinct key messages that resonate with their target audiences.

Media Interview Skills Training

Crisis Communication Media Training:

Despite our best intentions, things don’t always go to plan in business. We sometimes make bad investment decisions, hire the wrong person or someone is injured in a workplace accident.


If the incident blows up in the media it can ruin your reputation overnight. One of the worst things you can do is run and hide or say, ‘no comment.’


If you immediately issue a holding statement and then update journalists regularly as the situation unfolds, you have a better chance of maintaining public trust and credibility.


A TM media workshop takes you and your team through a realistic unfolding PR crisis and equips you with a proven strategy to professionally and calmly navigate the choppy seas. We’ll give you a framework for answering potentially dangerous questions and role play on-camera interviews with in-depth feedback.


Crisis communication media training is your business insurance policy.

What You’ll Do In A Media Training Workshop:

  • Identify what makes a news story

  • Analyse news video clips of good and bad interviews

  • Understand how to be ‘good media talent’

  • Craft compelling ‘quotable’ key messages

  • Tailor your message to different media outlets and target audiences

  • Deflect potentially dangerous questions and steer back to your messages

  • Control the interview rather than being derailed by the journalist

  • Learn how to combat nerves and stay calm when under fire

  • Practise realistic interviews on camera with an experienced journalist

  • Receive generous and specific feedback to improve your performance

  • Master tools and tricks to present like a pro online, on the phone and on camera

  • Become the go-to-person in your industry for media commentary


TM media offers one-on-one training and on-going coaching for key spokespeople.

Media training workshops are full-day or half-day, delivered face to face or online.

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media training
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A media interview is not the time for an original thought
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