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Published Books

The Spin Doctor’s Wife

By Theresa Miller

Megan is desperate for a baby, running hard on the IVF treadmill and heading for the edge. Her eggs are too old and time is running out. Meanwhile, her philandering spin-doctor husband, Laurie, is distracted by very different desires. Enter Carla, an ambitious young singer, who can give them both what they want – at a price.​

For years, Megan was a much-loved teacher who dedicated her life to her students. But a tragic school excursion leads to her wrongful dismissal. She believes a child of her own will fill the void. When she discovers Laurie has secretly fathered a child with Carla, she devises a plan to take back control.

How far will Megan, Laurie and Carla go to get what they want?

Set in Sydney against a backdrop of corporate PR cover-ups and the cult of TV celebrity.

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The eBook is available to download now and the paperback is on sale from major booksellers

“This clever, entertaining debut skewers our ambitions and passions with gentle humour.”
Petronella McGovern, bestselling author of Six Minutes”


By Theresa Miller

Making Babies tells the stories behind the statistics, inside the world of egg harvesting, blastocyst transferral and hormone injections.

Here are fourteen very candid, personal accounts of IVF survivors; many are inspiring, some are heartbreaking, while others are simply miraculous.

From single mothers, to long-term heterosexual and gay couples, Making Babies presents an array of experiences from those who have been touched by the incredible possibilities opened up by IVF technology.

Within this remarkable collection of memoirs are stories of personal loss, endurance, unwavering dedication and sacrifice and, above all, confirmation of the inexplicable love that stems from the act of becoming a parent – whether through natural means, reproductive technology, surrogacy or adoption.

If you’re contemplating IVF, this book can serve as a reality check. If you’ve been through the process, it can help you make sense of your own feelings by reading similar experiences. If you have friends, family or patients on the IVF treadmill, Making Babies will arm you with inside knowledge, to support them on their journey.

Theresa Miller is an IVF mother, journalist and since 2012 has been a member of the IVF Australia Ethics Committee.

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