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media TRAINING COURSE & Presentation skills 

Boost your brand, profile, cause or career by using the media and speaking engagements to your advantage. Learn inside tips for handling interviews with journalists with confidence. Use these tactics to boost your presentation and public speaking skills. Learn to speak on panels, on podcasts and pitching. Step up to the microphone now. 

Are you a subject matter expert, company spokesperson, academic or change-maker wanting to share your expertise with a wider audience, by speaking to a journalist, on a public panel, a presentation or on a podcast? Then this online media training course is for you.


1. what makes a story newsworthy and who makes 'good media talent'.

2. how to structure quotable key messages

3. tactics to stay in the driver's seat of an interview rather than being led off track

4. proven methods for delivering compelling messages, clearly, confidently and concisely.


With these tactics, you’ll never be tongue-tied or caught like a deer in the headlights when faced with tricky questions.


This is the inside knowledge journalists, politicians and veteran spokespeople know and use to their advantage.

Learn to play the media game to win and become a thought-leader in your field.


This course will empower you to boost your visibility, your brand or the cause you’re passionate about.

Media skills will also help you promote and protect your reputation.


This self-paced course includes:

1. the benefits of speaking to the media.

2. how to be ‘good media talent’ and an engaging presenter

3. tips to combat nerves

4. identifying ‘newsworthy’ angles in your research, service or product

5. proven structures for 'quotable' key messages.

6. tactics to pivot away from irrelevant or controversial questions and stay on message

7. strategies to manage a PR crisis.

8. delivery skills – voice, pacing, body language – to communicate effectively.

9. the dos and don’ts of online presenting

10. tips for dealing with media enquiries


What you'll get:

  • Six videos presented by journalist and TM MEDIA director Theresa Miller

  • News clips of good and bad interviews Six quizzes to test your knowledge

  • Downloadable templates with structures, templates and do's and don'ts

  • A 90-minute individual online media interview and feedback session with journalist / trainer, Theresa Miller (usually worth $495 on its own.)

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