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How to get noticed (and read) in your customers’ inbox

Updated: Jan 31

Tapaas is an international fintech company started by a couple of smart ex bankers. They’ve created an analytics platform that helps brokers and traders make sense of the huge volume of trading data to make better decisions, faster – leading to higher profits for their customers. Tapaas clients subscribe to their platform. But the competition is tough. There are other similar services out there – not as comprehensive – but cheaper.

Tapaas wanted to showcase their clients’ success through case studies. They emailed thousands of marketing newsletters to their database. Problem was – hardly anyone read them. 

During the height of the 2020 lockdown, Tapaas co-founder David Hall came to me and said, “Can you teach my team to write like journalists?” 

So, I ran a 4 week course over zoom with his team in Sydney and Cyprus training them to identify newsworthy stories, write attention-grabbing headlines and cracking opening paragraphs to compel readers to click on to read more. The result? After the course, Tapaas doubled the number of click through rates on their newsletters and the number of clients requesting demos also doubled. Last time I spoke to David, he was flat out scaling up their operations. A good problem to have. 

Take-away: It’s not enough to have good ideas – you need to convey them in clear, concise and compelling copy. Double your click-through rate on your eDMs by upskilling your team’s business writing skills. 

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