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Media training is your insurance policy

Updated: Jan 31

Case study: The Royal Commission into aged care has delivered a scathing report, citing abuse, neglect and greed in many centres. It is a wake up call to the sector. But not all aged care centres are guilty; there are some that are caring for their residents respectfully.

However, it’s hard to get that message across when the whole industry has been tarred with the same brush. One aged care home felt it had been unfairly treated in the media. They came to me through their PR advisor, for help.

I ran a one-day media training workshop with their executive team, revealing how the media works and then role-playing realistic interviews on camera, playing them back and giving feedback. I never advocate lying or fudging answers. Truth is the only option. Even if you’re not directly responsible for any wrong-doing, don’t appear defensive. Express compassion for those affected. Don’t lose your humanity!

Say what you’re doing to improve standards. A journalist will always say the glass is half empty – point out it’s also half full.

At the end of the training, the participants had the tools to stay in the driver’s seat of an interview rather than being run off the road by a journalist with an agenda. They are now rebuilding community trust through honest and clear communication.

Take away: Don’t wait for a crisis to hit your industry. Media Training is your insurance policy.

Don’t let the media control the narrative – take the driver’s seat in an interview.

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