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Have koalas died for your steak or burger?

Updated: Jan 31

Case study: Jessica Pangyres, The Wilderness Society: preparation for 10’s The Project  

Jessica Pangyres was a campaigner for The Wilderness Society when she was invited onto Channel Ten’s The Project to discuss a new initiative to encourage retailers to label their meat as ‘forest friendly’.

Research shows that every 4 seconds, native growth forests the size of the MCG are cleared in far north Queensland – 70 percent of which is used for beef production. The research was complex and the politics and laws surrounding land clearing is devilish, but after crafting her key messages to suit the audience demographic and rehearsing tough questions on camera with me, Jessica nailed her TV interview.

Rather than presenting the report’s dry statistics or blaming farmers, Jessica asked her audience, ‘Would you like to know whether koalas have died for the steak or burger you’re eating now? Would you like to make an informed choice?” 

This quote cut through the complex  politics, laws and science  and made her audience sit up and listen. The campaign received overwhelming support thanks to her interview. 

Take-away: Structure your key messages to suit your audience. Rehearse on camera. 

Cut through complex information with tactics that work. MillerInk Media training

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